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FakeJSON – The API to quickly generate test data.

FakeJSON is a subscription API to generate test data for mocking purposes. Send HTTP requests and receive the fake…

Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick API

The Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick (NCS) is a tiny fanless deep learning device that you can use to learn…

Map Matching

The Mapbox Map Matching API snaps fuzzy, inaccurate traces from a GPS unit or a phone to the OpenStreetMap?…

Product Advertising API

Amazon has developed a world-class web service that millions of customers use every day. As a developer, you can…

IBM Conversation API

With the IBM Watson™ Conversation service, you can build a solution that understands natural-language input and uses machine learning…

Latest Mashups

ARTHA.ZONE: Co-create, Showcase, Explore Knowledge Assets

ARTHA.ZONE data-driven Knowledge Assets are co-created by students, citizens, and professionals in an open process and showcased for exploration…

Our Interactive City

A platform where the future vision for Columbus can be evaluated from the viewpoint of an every-day citizen.


Data visualization and notification portal to make public health and safety data actionable by the city, county and citizens.

Get Me There

A trusted and community owned platform that fully optimizes local transportation including a city-wide parking reservation system. This solution…


Visualizing the current state of Columbus on an interactive map as a function of date and time.




Smart Columbus, COTA seek app to plan/pay for trips by bus, car, ride-share or all of the above. via @columbusbiz1st #SmartColumbus ow.ly/fnXG30lnDSy

Yesterday from ms consultants's Twitter via Hootsuite Inc.


Popular Sandbox APIs

Columbus Driving Data

This API contains a list of approximately 540,000 speed records every few seconds over the period of a week…

Easton Parking Data

A list of appx 36 parking zones in Easton, City of Columbus along with their hourly traffic count data

Columbus Events 2017

A list of 28000 events in the City of Columbus for the year 2017

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