The race is on Columbus!  Its time to make Columbus Ohio the greatest smartest city yet!

The sandbox is a key place to get started, but first we need data- but wait a sec ya say- “so and so, has data I need and I can’t get it.. ” well now don’t let the lack of access prevent an interesting idea from happening.


Yep you read that right, make that data set up.  Now we realize that’s not the long term goal of a sustainable concept, but in this case, here on the FRINGE of NEXT, we must improvise people.

FAKE data is just as good as real data assuming it moves your concept along so you can tell a good story of what should be.  Everyone in town is looking for that idea embodied, often to get data we need to show the vision of what that data could be, how it could transform, and we can’t wait for all the approvals.  So here in the box, we just make it up, and still tell that story.

Ok then, so how do we make up data?

First thing about that data set you need, try and imagine what you think it would consist of.  There’s two ways I’d approach that- first, be conservative.  I mean the data you want, may not exist, so don’t be too dreamy.  Build a tight data set that you think may exist.  Second approach is to go full on super dreamy and then pray pray pray that data exists.  Both approaches are kinda the same just depends on you as a dream weaver, hustler, or developer.

So let’s get into the fun, a few tools to try:


Generate Data

Lastly there’s FreeDataGenerator, give it a try as well- and get cranking!!