Smart City Columbus?

The City of Columbus won the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) $40 million Smart City Challenge in June, 2016 after competing against 77 cities nationwide to implement a holistic vision for how technology can help all residents to move more easily and to access opportunity. Columbus was also awarded a $10 million grant from the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the de-carbonization of the electric supply and transportation sectors.

This Smart City Sandbox is one of many efforts that will unfold in the months to come.  The sandbox is a development test playground providing you with data, API’s and idea fodder to help make Columbus a great and smart city.

The Initiative


Our mission is simple- learn, explore and build.  The sandbox is exactly what it implies- time to get dirty, play in the data, and let’s make something Columbus!

We’re scouring for data, all types of it, you name it and we want it here.  We need you to help craft, envision and build your next smart city based startup right here in the heart of Columbus!




City Planning


Public Access

Columbus, Ohio

Join the Fight


Help make Columbus the smartest city ever!  Dig in, explore the data sets and dream up the next thing to make a reality!

We have challenges, you have brains, they have data, we can do this!!

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