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Transportation Projects

Solutions that address making public transportation more accessible and informative for all income levels

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Real Time Crime Acitivity

Solutions that address the enablement of better real time crime awareness.

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Leisure Zones

An app that would show all dog parks, hiking routes, frisbee golf, water based adventures, farmers markets etc.

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Real Time API

Better real time knowledge of local city resources and publicly accessible tools/info.

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A better city wide whats going on calendar.

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Jobs API

Better data access to know how and who and which fortune 500 companies in the region hire and perform.

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Smart City Tester

Smart Cities need residents to be active participants in the introduction of new technology and services. If you want to ride in a self-driving car or try out new smart city services first, sign up at www.smartcitytester.com and you will be notified about new projects when they are available. If companies want to access the list, we will distribute an announcement about your product or service for free.

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Voting Locations

A great city voting app, showing where people should go based on their district etc.

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Civil APIs

Solutions that allow city population search for new housing, incentives and tax perks.

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Geocharts for Ethnic Diversity

Diversity in cultures, using geo locational tools and data to expose city diversity.

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A trusted and community owned platform that fully optimizes local transportation including a city-wide parking reservation system. This solution considers all transportation options, enjoyability of transit, critical safety components, most importantly accessibility to everyone. GetMeThere! Is an investment the city can make to creating a better experience for all commuters in Columbus.

Feature Details
If a drive and park solution is optimal, the app will reserve the parking spots upon your ETA to the location (includes garages, lots, meters, and peer to peer parking rental

Takes into consideration time of arrival to the parking spot, availability of the spot, total cost, hours of operation, distance from final destination, and feasibility given the intended duration of stay

Check in through the app to ensure the correct vehicle is parked in the spot

Sensors to update when the vehicle leaves and reports availability update

Alerts on upcoming parking expiration

Could start to include school parking lots on weekends or other specialty vacant areas

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watch the CIty, County, COTA, MORPC etc meetings live online.

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Citizen Pass

When driverless cars arrive, the drivers license will change from being the central identification card- create a new identity card.

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Need dates in the event API

Really need the DATE of the event as a response parameter for the events API

Core Communication, Geo-localization, observation and signalling concepts

Ideas that look into the base infrastructure needed to create the communication between city management, vehicles, transportation users, and pedestrians. That integrate sensing for security and real-time transportation information. That provide Geolocation enhancement to improve accuracy street to street. That provide ubiquitous wide bandwidth communications. That integrate smart, multi-color lighting, and signaling.

Parking suggestion

While parking my vehicle, if I don’t find a vacant parking space, suggest nearby available parking slot. Distance radius to be defined by the user.

Minority Report Signage

I want to see see minority report signage in stories, where the computer recognizes me, shows me the ads i want to see, or catered to me, the store recognizes me.

Car sharing

Not a ride sharing app but a car sharing app. We don’t all need to own a car. Our cars actually sit up to 90% each day. This app could help to “rent” a car by hour, mile, day, etc.

City Hall App

An app/website that better engages residences with the happenings of City Hall. Something that shows clear, concise, non partisan information on bills, resolutions, and initiatives of the city government. This app would also provide better ways for residents to communicate with their local elected officials to voice concerns and comments.

Explore – All APIs

Can a A-Z sort be added to the name field? Date added (newest on top) seems to be the default filter.


City Planning (14) as an example. If you click on the Subject on the left hand side only 11 records return. Foursquare API, Columbus Driving Data, Regional Bikeways, MORPC are missing. Happens with other Subjects as well.

SmrtContracts thru smart contracts

Distributed ledgers using blockchain are the backbone of popular cryptocurrencies. There is good reason for the hype surrounding blockchain – it can be used to solve a myriad of problems in a decentralized fashion and set the foundation for a cryptocurrency. Ethereum is a derivative of the Bitcoin blockchain that gives rise to “smart contracts.” Smart contracts are decentralized applications that validate conditions when 2 parties exchange currency. When these conditions are met, the currency is exchanged and a new block is added, else nothing is exchanged. This concept can be applied to the many transactions a smart city will need to support and needs to be explored. Let’s build SmrtBlockchain, SmrtContracts, and SmrtCoin based off Ethereum.

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Vote Chat?

A city based chat bot that would inform me of important law/issues coming up for voting.

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Street Food Finder


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Chip my out door cat so i can see where he goes. Would also help feral cat colony volunteers.

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