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Never in history has the need for change been more urgent! Fundamental change at every level of our society is needed to address the issues confronting us in the 21st century. Living in these times calls for self-reflection. Ideas about innovation lie at the root of many wicked problems:

  • Climate change, 
  • loss of biodiversity, 
  • depletion of natural resources, 
  • the widening gap between rich and poor…  

…these are just a few.

The Interactive City connects information and awareness, value and behavior, and the built environment for system-level, societal change. 

Data analytics has a key role to play: Explaining the dynamics of change within complex systems and serving as a measure against which to evaluate social change. 

IC Analytic Models are place-based and regional, yet global in its awareness and exchange of information and technology. 

The Interactive City applies an understanding of the interconnectedness to social, economic, political and natural systems. With future generations in mind, simulation can be used for sustainable development research, technology forecasting, social-ecological impact analysis and social construction of technology. 

Non-technical stakeholders are provided with tools to participate in the transition toward more sustainable futures. Coevolution of technologies and their uses can be introduced into society, to enable new ways of living and working. Providing a means through which contemporary lifestyles and design interventions can help create new, more sustainable forms of everyday life. 

Illustrating a place-based lifestyle in which solutions to global problems are designed for local circumstances and tailored to specific social and ecological contexts. Helping to develop local resilience and autonomy all while being globally connected and networked through an exchange of information, technology and resources. 

Fundamental change is often the result of a shift in mindset or worldview. Today, more than ever, future-oriented visions are needed to inform and inspire our Cities. To change ideas about cities themselves. To wonder about how things could be. How they can be directed to improve the quality of life. 

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