In the event that there is an emergency and ordinary citizens are able to help (e.g. an apartment building burns down and people need places to stay temporarily), there is no system in place that allows willing volunteers to immediately assemble and donate time or goods at disaster events.


This project creates a portal for APIs and visualizations of city and county data that affects the public’s health and safety, such as drinking water quality from each water plant, air quality, high-accident coorodors and intersections, local blood supplies and food bank inventories. Ideally, this project will track real-time data, search for alarming keywords, and intelligently determine whether there is a cause for concern. An emergency sentinel will then notify team coordinators of an event, then the team coordinators will reach into their pool of registered volunteers to assemble their own teams to immediately respond to events.

Within the project, we’ve prototyped a module that notifies subscribed citizens that something happened and enables citizens to assemble to take action on the data.  Citizens can use the data to react and respond when assistance is needed, aligning citizens by skills and location to respond and coordinating the response.

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