You Paid For It: Building a smart city It’s been one year since the city of Columbus won the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Smart Cities Challenge. A victory that put some $50 million dollars in federal grants into the hands of city leaders. Since then… COTA views van pool service as a smart choice for Columbus As COTA plans how to help more people get from place to place, it

Smart Columbus is hosting June’s Smart City meetup at the Idea Foundry.  This is during the 1 year anniversary of Smart Columbus’ Smart City Challenge award. Join us at 7:30 AM at the Idea Foundry to learn more about Smart City, connect with others interested in Smart City and learn about opportunities to get involved. Bring your ideas, opinions, and passion. We will have coffee and bagels from Panera.

Wow ! The objective to make Columbus a smart city looks like a game where there is no limitation on number of players and teams. We have witnessed individuals, companies and groups playing it together smarter only to achieve the goal of smart city. I bet you would like to know who is there in the play, especially the big ones. Before I come to that, check out what they are playing:

Sandbox Hosted APIs offered generic API keys to everyone till date. They will be discontinued on June 03 23:59 EST. Generate your new ones NOW!

Greetings, true believers! Check out the awesome products The Smart Columbus Sandbox help build on its Launch Day May 05, 2017 and the uber-cool people who made it possible! Bonus! 3 New APIs added this week for your mean concoctions!

We are moving to the official Smart Columbus Sandbox domain - developers take notice! APIs affected!

I, along with some like-minded hungry enthusiasts, am always curious for more digital information food with an objective of smart cities in mind. We prefer to share it and exploit it to the maximum extent so that the digital transformation becomes possible in more organized way in day to day life. The research institutes, public, private and government departments are also feeling the heat of it and we have seen

Are you still not part of the Jigsaw puzzle of smart city Columbus? Researchers, enthusiasts, government and almost everybody would be part of the game, knowingly or unknowingly, joining pieces together to solve this puzzle. What we got all around us in this digital world is data. Somewhere real, somewhere fake; somewhere structured, somewhere unstructured, somewhere useful and somewhere just to annoy us. I personally visualize these pieces of data, if refined

The race is on Columbus!  Its time to make Columbus Ohio the greatest smartest city yet! The sandbox is a key place to get started, but first we need data- but wait a sec ya say- “so and so, has data I need and I can’t get it.. ” well now don’t let the lack of access prevent an interesting idea from happening. MAKE IT UP! Yep you read that

Join us in our inaugural meetup to learn more about Smart City, connect with others interested in Smart City and form collaborations to move the ball forward.

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