Are you still not part of the Jigsaw puzzle of smart city Columbus?

Researchers, enthusiasts, government and almost everybody would be part of the game, knowingly or unknowingly, joining pieces together to solve this puzzle. What we got all around us in this digital world is data. Somewhere real, somewhere fake; somewhere structured, somewhere unstructured, somewhere useful and somewhere just to annoy us. I personally visualize these pieces of data, if refined in a form of information, can be plugged together to bring up an ecosystem which is smart enough to know ‘what is cooking‘.

An example on Transportation. Imagine a city where you are not worried about speed of your car because it’s being automatically controlled by the sensors installed in your car and also on city roads depending on road e.g. highway, city road, streets, etc.

Another one on Mapping. You go to a supermarket and you find that no parking is available. Just think that your navigation system tells you in advance about all the vacant parking slots around that supermarket within 1 km range.

Yeah ! I can feel the excitement in people when they smartly think of such technological advancement to make our life easier. Such scattered pieces of information are being bring together so that the City also becomes Smart.

BTW ! You know, the ascent of a smart city has already begun in Columbus. Check this out!


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Dinesh Singh Bisht

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