Wow ! The objective to make Columbus a smart city looks like a game where there is no limitation on number of players and teams. We have witnessed individuals, companies and groups playing it together smarter only to achieve the goal of smart city.

I bet you would like to know who is there in the play, especially the big ones. Before I come to that, check out what they are playing:

The project will look to “increase the pace, quality and development, testing, and deployment of self-driving and other connected vehicle technologies,” per a press release.

And here is the complete article.

The game is getting bigger and bigger, more and more interesting. The truth is, sooner or later, you would be ultimately part of smart city at least in Columbus. You don’t believe me? You know who else is in there to play? Explore it yourself !

Last but not least, I give you another name having a vision to Redefine the Future. General Electric ! Yes, GE has fueled in Current and there is lot there if you really want to play this smart city game. I feel excited to present you crisply one of their APIs in this post.

Parking Planning API

The Parking Planning service provides parking metadata that is collected from CityIQ’s intelligent nodes installed on all street lights along public roadways or in parking lots. Each time a vehicle enters or leaves a parking space, a timestamped event is created and stored in the Predix cloud. This data can be obtained from a single sensor or a group of sensors, and can provide valuable insights about the parking activity in a given region. The data can also be used to improve traffic and parking convenience.

Well! I forgot to mention that every player is a winner in this game. 🙂 Are you in?

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